It’s a new month and fall is at its peak! While this signals resumption in high schools and a lower influx of tourists, it also brings up a slight wardrobe change for people in the corporate world.

It is hard enough to merge your personal style with the requirements of your job, much more considering what the weather wants you to do! Like with all other aspects, summer is clear on what it wants from you (light weighing items), winter wants you to go heavier but fall? It’s a beautiful mix of both without knowing the exact direction it is going through.

If you are a hardworking lady with a corporate nine-to-five and the desire to look good no matter what the weather wants, check out these four stylish corporate looks you can wear to work this fall!

The smart


Looking good to work is a tricky concept. You want to stick to company policy, and still have Instagram-worthy pictures. This first look is all solid colors and thick patterns. It helps you present a proper corporate front while translating your personal taste into the fashion items suitable for fall. For ‘The Smart’ look, you can pair a checkered cotton coat over dark pants and a turtleneck top in bright or dark colors (according to your mood), with leather boots or stiletto heels for a perfect Monday/Wednesday look to the office.  

The sweet


This is a fall look suitable for work and a nice evening out afterwards. The typical baby girl ensemble with a nice soft sweater on high-waist skirt, or a floral palazzo and flats or a pair of ankle boots. It is the perfect easy look for Thursdays at work with the anticipation of the weekend. With this get-up you are sweet as candy in light colors for fall cloths that help you fight the weather and look cute while doing it.

The savory


Here is the look for the lady with all the sauce. It is a savory look that shows you know how to make the best of the weather. A chiffon shirt tucked into fitted skater-style skirt, or high-waist corporate pants and thigh high boots (for skirt) or suede loafers (for pants). The chiffon material helps you feel sexy and carefree while working on deadlines and sitting at meetings.

The bold


Defying all the rules, except the ones that can make you lose your job, this is a look that chucks out all reservations and states your claim boldly. A smooth leather skirt for Friday at the desk, with a cotton sweater tucked in and a pair of swanky boots completes the look. You can up the ante with some bracelets and a beautiful set of earrings. Go all out –in a way that will keep you employed!


Working doesn’t have to be worrisome, especially about your looks! Be at your fashionable best as you get ready to wrap up 2019!  




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