Stylish Denim Jacket Outfits: Summer 2019

Denim jackets are an all-year-round fashionista's favorite. But in today's blog we are giving you all the hottest tips for styling a denim jacket for the summer season. 

We are going to show you trendy ways to wear a jean jacket in everyday life, as well as how you can use them to style up simple clothes or style down party frocks for a casual look. They really are very versatile and why every gal should have at least one in her wardrobe. 

Bleached Denim
Since the bright pop of colors that started to invade the typically metallic tones of winter, we have seen a huge rise in brightly colored outfits. It is no wonder then that denim is also making it's self relevant with bold bleached denim options. All the colors or the rainbow and more now available to us, and I for one, totally love this new trend. Greens, yellows, red and oranges are accompanying the standard blacks, blues and whites. If you are looking for a stylish denim jacket — opt for a new sensational color. 

Patchwork Denim 
Patchwork denim is nothing new but the types of patchwork options are a hell of a lot more plentiful now-a-days. You can get varying denim material patchworks — standard and pretty cool, but what we are excited about: are the new floral patchworks, corduroy patchworks and chic leather patchworks designs. Designer across the world have really brought us some fabulously fashionable jackets that will look awesome worn with any outfit. If you want to step out in a denim jacket with a bit more character — opt for a new patchwork jacket. 

Embellished Denim
With the summer finally here, embroidered jackets are probably the most popular this season. Flowers, butterflies and birds embroidery or bold and colorful bohemian patterns that give a hint of gypsy style are super girly and look very Coachella-esk. In all the traditional denim colors of blue, black and white, we don't think you can go wrong with a little embroidered stitching. Really bring home the boho look with a chic fedora or feathered headband.

Badge & Button Enhanced Denim
Denim jackets are the perfect item to style up with badges and buttons and other gorgeous embellishments. Learn how to style up your denim jackets with different enhancements, let your creative juices flow. And the beauty of this stylish trend is the multitude of ways you can change up your basic denim coat. Whether you like to stitch on labels, tags or badges, or pin some awesome buttons you can really style your jacket to the way you want. There are so many options for you. Pearls chains, beaded threads and glitter are just some of the choices. Or you can opt to buy one that has already been embellished to your liking. 

Take a peek at some of the denim jacket we love the most and what to wear them with. We hope they give you a little outfit inspiration.

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