Stylish Ways to Wear Stoles in Winters

The way you wear your scarf or stole, it can change your whole look. When you wear a stole, it brings style to your outfit. It can change your look from classy chick to indoor woman or from indoor woman to classy chick. What’s better than an accessory which not only makes you look good but is also good for you to keep you warm?

The question is that do you take full advantage of your stole? This is the best thing in your wardrobe right now if used properly. You can pair your stole with a beanie or a cool looking cap, and much more. It can make your old dress look new so it’s a really cool thing to wear in case you are feeling like you already wore that dress to a party.

Check out the following ways to wear a stole and look stylish:

Loose Wrap – This is a great way to wear a long scarf in a stylish way. First, drape it on the front side of your neck and dangle it behind. Now, criss-cross it on the backside of your neck and bring them back to the front. However, the stole must be centered. This style can be used for jeans and tops.

Easy Folded – This is a very easy way to wear your stole in a stylish way. First, divide it in half and drape around your neck. Secondly, take the ends and push them by the folded loop. Tighten it as much as you need to. This way you look warmer and look great.

Layered Knot – This long winter stole can make you look a winter chic if worn properly. Wrap it around your neck, bring the ends to back and take them back to the front and knot. Loose the wrapped side of the stole as much as required.
Also, loose the ends so they are hanging down in front side of the neck.

There are a lot of women now who prefer to take stoles with their outfit because it makes them look even more stylish and gives a new look to their outfit. If you don’t have any stole in your wardrobe then purchase one now, because they add so much beauty to your outfits!


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