Stylist Secrets: How to Make Your Legs Look Longer

Some are blessed with long supermodel length legs but most of us are not. We can't change the length of your legs, but what we CAN do is let you in on the secret tips stylists use to make your legs look longer. 

Here are the stylist secrets you will want to remember:


Wear high-waisted pants: The eye doesn’t know where the waist starts, so when you wear high-waist pants, it makes your legs appear longer.


Make bodysuits a wardrobe staple: A tucked in shirt or a bodysuit have the same effect — it defines your waist. If you pair a bodysuit with high-waisted bottoms you will make your legs extra-long.  


Dress in monochromatic style: There’s a good reason why fashionistas often wear all black. When you wear an outfit all one color, you trick the eye into thinking your legs are much longer. This is because your eyes can’t find where your legs start or finish.

Wear black items of clothing: It’s a well-known fact that wearing black and dark colors has an extra slimming effect. 

Add vertical stripes to your wardrobe: Vertical stripes are able to create an illusion of extra length by drawing the eye up and down. The vertical stripe pattern is known as a «slimming» pattern. 


Try a cropped jacket with your outfit: A cropped jacket will have an overall lengthening effect when worn on a shorter frame. They will also balance out a longer torso, making the legs look longer.


These tips will help you become more stylish with your everyday outfits. Shop these looks and more at


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