Summer Fashion Hack: How to Wear a Scarf on Vacation

Scarfs, Bandanas, and Headscarves are having a fashion moment this season. Learn the best way to style a scarf for your summer vacation.

When we think of scarves, usually what comes to mind is Grace Kelly riding in an open top classic vintage car with her effortless style, large sunglasses, and gorgeous, feminine scarf trailing behind in the wind. These days the scarf has undergone a modern transformation but still maintained its feminine and whimsical appeal. 

The best part is that scarves are incredibly versatile. From protecting you from the wind, sun, and rain, to keeping you warm at night, scarves are great for every occasion. What’s more, they are light and easy to transport and can be easily put in your handbag during the day.

When you are looking for a silk scarf to loosely tie around your neck, choose a bright, colorful scarf print that can be worn in your hair — bonus! Or, if you get too hot, you can simply tie it sweetly on your straw bag for an additional accessory. Win-win! We’ve even seen Instagram influencers go for a unique ankle tie paired with summer anklets — and we love the modern twist on a historical staple.

If you’re feeling vintage and earthy, you can always choose a green, orange, or red scarf. Tie it so it hangs down your back, creating an interesting feature on a backless dress or top. To update your jeans, you can also tie it through a belt loop. This gives you a modern twist on the classic denim.

Bad hair day? You’re in luck. Scarves are the ultimate go-to accessory for this occasion. Tie all your loose messy ends into a bun and wrap a scarf around your head. If a few wispy pieces come loose, it only adds to your boho-chic look. Keep in mind that lighter colored hair looks best with lighter fabrics. 

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