End of the year festivities are all about family, love, beauty –and of course, looking your best!

Thanksgiving is widely celebrated as the last fest before Christmas. A time to take inventory of all that went down in the year, be grateful for what you have and make peace with all that’s lost.

Getting ready for thanksgiving, for some, may include detoxing in preparation for the loads of food to be eaten. But, let us not forget that you have to look great for the photos that will come out!

Fashion-forward does not translate to being festive-allergic, you just have to find the right clothes for every occasion.

In line with this, check out these options for thanksgiving outfits that work for every plan you have!

Maxi skirt


One of the best revamped fashion trends is the introduction of maxi skirts. Floral materials, solid colors and patterns are all the best ways to rock maxi skirts this season. Thanksgiving is, approximately, a month away and it’s best to plan as far ahead as you can!

A nicely patterned maxi skirt goes really well with a turtleneck, long sleeved sweater tucked into the band –you can wear a pair of low-heeled sandals or gladiators to complete the look for Thanksgiving dinner at, pretty much, anywhere.

Cotton blazer


If you are planning to spend thanksgiving with your friend(s), or your significant other’s family, a blazer is the best way to go. Going with a blazer for style, you have to be careful not to look too serious. So opt for a light material, jacket-style blazer, as opposed to something heavier. Coupled with a spaghetti-strapped tank-top and a beautiful pair of heels, this is a killer thanksgiving look.



The perfect option for any, and all, festive outings –a nice sweater. Depending on the weather outside, you can go for a heavy or light material. Put together a completely beautiful outfit with some jeans, sandals or sandal heels and a fashionable side bag.

Sweaters give you comfort and fashion with just one move, literally. Also, because they come in different beautiful cuts, you can find one that suits your general fashion style while looking as cute as a button this thanksgiving season.

Chiffon shirts


Artsy, vintage, dressy, smart, casual or anyhow you want to look! Chiffon shirts give you a blank space to work with and create a beautiful look to match your personal taste. For thanksgiving, you can wear a nice chiffon shirt in floral prints or solid colors to your parents’ thanksgiving dinner, a friendly get-together or to meet your significant other’s family. It works in any, and every, way.

Wrap blouse / dress



These babies hit the fashion scene with a bang, late last year, and we’ve been in love with them since the beginning. Typically styled with bellbottom sleeves, they give you that classy yet chilled look every time. With a wrap blouse or dress, you can choose to dress up or down, as the occasion fits. But either way, you will be looking absolutely stunning.


Thanksgiving dinners are fun and they give you beautiful memories, with the right people, right setting and the right outfit!



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