The 10 Hottest Swimsuit Trends of Summer 2017

If you pick the prefect swimsuit for your body size, no matter what style or colour you pick, you will not look something less than sexy! It might take a little effort to pull off the right bathing suit because we all ladies are really conscious on what to pick to flaunt the summer body at this time of the year.


Before you get to know what is trending this season, here are some tips that might help you pick a perfect bathing suit for yourself.


1.       Make sure it is comfortable: One piece of advice for all you reading this is that no matter what outfit you choose for yourself, a bathing suit especially, make sure you feel comfortable in it. There is no point of pulling of something that keeps on making you feel uncomfortable and you start losing your confidence eventually.

2.       It’s not too tight and not too loose: Again, if you don’t pick the right size… you won’t look appropriate!

3.       It is not too big to be called a bathing suit: A bathing suit shows most of your body. If you cover up yourself entirely with an outfit then that is obviously not a swimsuit!


When you know these tip before choosing a bathing suit, it makes it easy to pick the right one. Now you are ready to try these kick ass styles!


Colour blocked neon swimsuit: The most trending bikini everyone is wearing this summer is the colour blocked neon bikini. Just by looking at the bright flamboyant colours with black outlines, you heart skips a beat. This bikini is hard to ignore. The colours just pop vibrantly on your skin laminating the curves in the most perfect way.


High-leg one piece swimsuit:Some girls out there want to pull off bright colours in the shining sun but others just want to stick with neutrals and basic colours. If you are the second type then this is swimsuit is what you should pick for yourself. A black swimsuit that perfectly wraps around your body is picture-perfect for all body shapes.


Triangle Monokini Bathing Suit: This swimsuit gives your body a flawless look and doesn’t cost much. If you want to cover some part of your stomach but show a little more of your cleavage, then this is the perfect one you can pick!


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