The Best Chic Fashion Trends to Follow This Fall

Seasons change fast, and so does the fashion they bring along with them. So, why not make the most of fall 2016, while it’s still in full swing? No need to worry though, if you’re really not sure how to go about it. Just follow through the list of latest trends given below that’ll add to your contemporary fashion sense amongst your peers.


1.      Dare to wear animal prints

This time around, animal prints are deemed to be the thing of wild liberated women of new era. Some of the most popular prints include zebra and leopard prints, which help you bring the bold out of you wrapped up in sheer sophistication. In fact, prints on prints seem to be making more of a statement this fall. For example, you can try a jumpsuit in leopard print over a dark polo dress or even consider a zebra printed coat over it. So, there’s more to roar this year!


2.      Embrace the warmth of ruffles

Many a women don’t feel much comfortable when it comes to ruffles. However, this year bestows you a great opportunity to play with ruffles, though you’ll still have to be extremely careful with cut and structure if you don’t want it to look some kind of over-the-top piece. If you succeed in choosing a piece fitting perfectly to your body shape, you’ll sizzle anywhere you’ll go.


3.      Miniskirts are huge this fall

Yes, they are. These tantalizing wardrobe items are back with a bang in the fall of 2016, originally getting to fame during 90’s, when lead characters in teen flicks brought them to attention. This fall, you can slip into one of these paired with one of your favorite hoodies or some other contrasting top.


4.      Orange is the new black!    

Of course, we’re not luring you into dressing up like it’s Halloween, but lo and behold, orange is the new black for fall 2016. Perhaps, the best thing about orange is its striking resemblance with autumn leaves, rightfully finding its place ‘on’ people more than under their feet. If you are not feeling bold enough to go orange all the way, pieces like ponchos and scarves in orange might do the trick for you, setting you ablaze lightly, perhaps!


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