The Best Swimwear to Rock Your Small Boobs In!

We all want to look great in our swimwear. It is the most revealing clothing us women wear (outside of the bedroom) so want to make sure we are in the most flattering options, right? When you have smaller boobs. shopping for a swimsuit or bikini can be frustrating — you want to look feminine and sexy and not like a surfboard!

You need swimwear that flatters your figure without drawing too much attention to your flat chest. You want to feel stylish but equally, you do not want to be all padding and gaps. Basically, you are looking for swimwear where you can rock your tiny titties, look fashionable and on trend, and that makes you feel like a million dollars when you slip off your beach tunic.

We want you to know that hope is not lost. In fact, more and more retailers are providing gorgeous swimsuits and bikini's that are great for women who have not been fortunate in the boob department. Yes, that is right! There is a plethora of choice out there for women with small busts but the key is to know what suits you and your frame best. We are here to help you in your pursuit of the perfect swimwear with our top tips below. You're Welcome :)

Ruffles add the illusion of volume and come in many different designs and styles. Ruffles on bandeau bikini tops or swimsuits top our list of the best swimwear to rock your small boobs in as they combine the flattering bandeau with the fabulous ruffles. A perfect combination. Triangle bikini tops would be our runner-up.

Bold prints and bright colors can trick the eye, or least redirect the initial thought that you have a small chest. A fun floral print for a poolside lunch or a tropical print to turn heads at the beach are great options. Mixing your patterns up is also fun and fabulous. Wear printed bikini tops and solid block bottoms. This mixing works better with two-pieces when you have a smaller chest.

Do not be afraid of a bit of padding. Elegant criss-cross designs that hold well designed padded cups draw attention to the cleavage area but pull the whole cup across so you do not have unsightly gaps. There are many fabulous options that provide sex appeal alongside sophistication.

When it comes to plunging necklines — go for it. You have the advantage here as you do not need much support. Those swimsuits that plunge to the belly, are made from thin material and contain no cups have been specially made with small boobs in mind and they look FAB-U-LOUS darling! Have you seen Kendall Jenner??

Check out our favorite swimwear for a large bust inspired by the small boob elite. AND if you purchase anything in store — post a selfie wearing your purchase to any our social media account with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits and we'll give you could win your cash back to spend it again! Even more ways to save.

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