The Best Urban Inspired Legging Outfits For You To Copy

Leggings have long been the ugly ducklings of the fashion world. Resigned to the house and only to be worn for cleaning or lounging around. In fact, the stretchy bottom was considered so tasteless that it has frequently landed people in hot water when spotted outside, particularly when worn as pants. However, thanks to some designers bringing them to life in ways we had never imagined, the humble leggings are having a huge impact on our fashion industry. 


Leggings are having a rather chic moment on the runways, and more influentially, off it. Models are pairing their favourite leggings with cropped tops and biker jackets — bring street style and comfort together. Leggings outfits are now coining the phrase «the off-duty-model look» and us ladies are jumping on the trend with delight. After all, haven't we been trying to get these comfortable, affordable items of clothing out of our wardrobes and onto the streets for years?! 


Leggings are getting a little help though. Rather than the basic black stretchy cotton material we are all used to, designers are bringing us colours, patterns and prints. They may not qualify as pants, per se, but they can sub in for skinny jeans. For fall and winter, you can’t go wrong layering a cozy, oversized sweater over a pair of fashion leggings, whether they’re leather, waxed cotton, or suede. Footwear can also be easily paired with either boots or sandals. 


The more we think about leggings the more we love how versatile they are. Here we have listed some the best legging looks to take chicly and confidently onto the street and all places beyond.


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