The Best Ways to Style Your Jeans

Jeans nowadays come in all kinds of styles and designs so you can literally flaunt them at any occasion in any season. Whether you like dressing a little fancy or going more casual than the rest, jeans are your best friend. They can be paired easily with the items already in your wardrobe which is always a relief! If you want a little insight about the latest trends in fashion that work well with jeans or simply need some jeans-wearing inspiration, here a few styles you can rock:


The Dressed Well but Nothing Fancy Look

If you want to dress up a little more than usual but don’t want to overdo it, plain jeans such as skinny jeans or bootleg jeans go amazing with printed blouses. You can opt for a striped blouse, pattered top, or a floral blouse with plain black or denim jeans! If you’re going out at night, pull on a leather jacket to complete the look!


The Classic Look

Jeans + button-down, collared shirts = the classic look. This look works just about anywhere whether you’re going to college or hanging out with friends. Button-down shirts go great with skinny jeans or plain jeans. You can choose a checkered shirt, striped shirt, oversized button-down shirt, or even a little fancy shirt with embellishments on the collar!


The Go Everywhere Look

You know one of those days where you have to be at many places so you need the perfect outfit? Slim leg jeans (rolled up a bit if you like) with a plain, flowy top and some flats is the perfect look that is not too under or overdressed!


The Jeans with Boots Fall/Winter Look

For the fall or winter season, the jeans with boots look is a must that you cannot skip! It is flattering to all physiques so every time these seasons roll around, be sure to pull on some skinny jeans or bootleg jeans and tuck them in some hot ankle or knee-high boots! Pair with your favorite shirt and even pull on some accessories if you want to dress up a bit.


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