The Complete Guide To Leather Belts

A leather belt does not just simply means a strap of; leather with a buckle at the end. A lot of individuals misjudge it and do not understand the depth that leather belts deal with in order to be well informed about leather belts. Let's study the different types of belts that are purely made up of leather. 


Synthetic Leather Belt:

Synthetic leather belts are also known as faux leather belts. Though they are called as synthetic leather belts, but they do not contain any type of leather. They are made up of a material known as polymer that looks very much like leather. These belts are affordable, hence they are within the reach of every woman. The manufacturing process of these boats is quite simple. These belts are available in all colors, patterns and designs.


Bonded Leather Belt:

These are leather belts that are the most affordable ones you can look for in the market. These belts are made up of leather waste scarps. By pressing the scraps together, small pieces get glued together forming a single unit of leather. These belts are inexpensive, hence everyone can enjoy it. 


Genuine Leather Belt:

These belts are high quality belts as they are made up of high grade leather. They are made up of different layers of leather scarp and on the outer side, there are layers of top grain leather in order to give it a polish look and provide the durability that every leather belt should have. These belts are cheaper when compared with full grained leather belts.


Full Grain Leather Belt:

Full grain leather belts are the top rated leather  belts. They are wholly and solely made up of top grain leather that is found only on the top layer of an animal skin. These belts may contain some blemishes and rough look and this is what makes them stand out. If compared with other belts, full grain leather belts have no match in terms of durability, flexibility and strength. These belts are for people who look out for quality over quantity. 


Formal or Casual leather belts:


Leather belts come in both ways, for formal usage and for casual usage. For instance, women at work will prefer a different belt than women at a night party, for formal settings, the color of the belt should be in contrast with the color of the shoes. However, this rule does not apply in informal and casual settings. Leather belts for formal events are simple and basic, whereas for classical events they are more stylish and trendy. 


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