The Do's and Don't When it Comes to Wedding Outfits

Why it is not appropriate to wear white to someone else's wedding? Is there a dress length rule? Or would you prefer a pant suit over a pretty dress but not sure whether 'it's the done thing"? In today's blog we will answer all of these and other do's and don'ts that will get you through the Wedding season unscathed and looking amazing. 

It is said that Queen Victoria set the trend for brides across the world to wear white on their big day, when she selected a white satin gown that was lavishly embellished with lace in 1840's. As brides everywhere donned white dresses, it became generally frowned upon for anyone but the bride to wear white… and so the traditional continues. Or does it? In recent years, the White wedding dress has been shunned for more modern options of blush or champagne. If you want to wear white, we say suss out the bride's opinion on it and if you can't play it safe and opt for any other color. 

Is there an unwritten rule in relation to the length of your dress? This is often a question I ask my fiancé when we are going out to his work events and I usually get the same unhelpful response. So I am going to be clear with the this answer. There is no rule, unless there is a dress code requesting ball gowns, of course. However, stay classy and keep your dignity. Anything that looks more like a belt than the bottom halve of your outfit is probably something best saved for the nightclub on a different night. 

Talking of dress code, read the invite carefully to see whether a dress code has been set. It may well not be to your taste but remember this is the bride and groom's big day, and they want you there to share it with them. My advice is to suck it and embrace whatever theme they have chosen and have fun with it. Bohemian weddings are becoming increasingly popular — you might end up in wellies! 

Whatever you end up choosing to wear, opt for something that is comfortable. And more importantly, that is the correct size! You are likely to be in this outfit for upwards of 10hrs so anything too tight or that is cutting into you or has scratchy mesh or is super heavy will only make you miserable after a few hours. Who wants to be miserable at a Wedding. When you feel great, you will look great. Think comfort when it comes to your footwear too, unless you do not mind stashing your flip flops in your clutch bag. 

If you are a popular lady and have Wedding invites piling up, but don't have the budget to buy an outfit for each one, don't worry. Some careful accessorising can really change up a dress. The key is to purchase a relatively plain dress or pants suit so that the accessories and embellishments are the focal point — making the dress look different each time. Opt for pale yellow, blush or baby blue material and style up it with silk scarfs, earrings, bangles, bags, shoes, your hair style and make-up… then voila — you have a different wedding guest outfit. 

Check out some wedding guest outfits below we LOVE! We hope that they give you some inspiration.

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