The Essentials Edit: The Overcoat

A long warm cloth is all you need to stay comfortable and look amazing at the same time in a chilly weather. Before winters come around the corner, know about the over coats that are definitely make a statement this winter! Ps. if you are reading this in a hot summery season and think it is not useful for you, think again. Shopping for off-season cloths makes you save some money for some mesmerizing accessories. So here are some ways you can try an overcoat with style.


Cocoon overcoat: This stylish overcoat wraps around your body is such a manner that it looks like a cocoon, but something definitely beautiful than that! Pair up a brown cocoon over coat with slim fit pair of jeans and a grey shirt or an inner beneath the coat. A pair of black leather boots will suit the look best. Pull your hair back neatly in a high fun and enjoy the cold.


Wrap coat: These coats are found in all the neutral and dull colours and look amazing in each one of them. It gives you a very feminine look because the coat wraps around your body really neatly. If you want to try the wrap coat in a bright colour on the white snow, then red is what you need! Team up a red wrap coat with shiny black high neck and a pair of black stockings. Blood red lipstick is all you need to complete this sexy look.


You can also pull off a red wrap coat with a pair of cream coloured leggings and a similar coloured muffler. This gives a very soothing look and suits a decent personality, because cloths are also a mean of non-verbal communication in the world of fashion!


Pea coat: I have heard some girls say that, winters make their mood gloomy. There is one thing you can do to make you feel happy and this is to dress up in clothes what bring joy. The majesty pea coat makes you look fresh and confident. Team up a royal blue pea coat with golden button on the front with beige and black coloured stripes. A pair of white trousers and a brown coloured hand bag gives you the perfect model-off-duty look.


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