The Fashion Do's and Don'ts for Big Booty Women

If you have been blessed with a beautiful big bottom, we want you to have the confidence to show it off and look your very best. We have the style tips to shape your posterior perfectly in fabulous outfits. 

OK so first, you need to invest in some top quality underwear. These undergarments can make a world of difference. They are designed to highlight your gorgeous, curvaceous silhouette. Ensure your lingerie is fitted properly and supportive. Stretchy fabrics are smooth and shape your body in a contoured way. And if you feel like your butt could use a little lift, there is underwear for that too. 

In order to create an amazing profile from all angles, it is a good idea to highlight your waistline. Women were born with hips and bottoms (well the lucky ones) and we want to drawn attention to them in a seductive way to celebrate your fabulous frame. Think about pencil skirts, palazzo pants and high waisted denim shorts or jeans. 

Opt for dresses that also pinch in your waistline. Wrap around style clothing is perfect for showcasing your blossoming bum. This cut clings in all the right places. Bodycon dresses are awesome. Made famous by the big booty of Kim Kardashian West, they look great and show how confident and proud you are of your body. Any dress that has a drawstring or knot-tie around the midriff will also be top of the picks for a women who love their behinds. Maxi dresses often have designs that draw in the fabric under the bosom and then drape of the buttocks. The loose soft fabrics, typical of maxi dresses, then allow buttocks to move freely when walking. Winner, Winner. Chicken Dinner!

Takes some inspiration from the women in the limelight that have the fashion sense that you love. There is nothing wrong with stealing another women's style, especially if they are an influencer — that is the point of them. Many Instagram sensations work with local or smaller brands as well, so you don't have to worry about a designer price tag to go along with a new purchase. And, if those brands are anything like Zefinka, they will offer free delivery worldwide smiling-fac

Have a scroll through some our favorite outfits that highlight beautiful big booties from streets around the world, our favorite savvy fashionistas and top lifestyle influencers. We hope they inspire you. 

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