The Fashion Do's and Don'ts for Spring 2019

We are looking at the clothes and styles that will dominate this year's Spring season. We have put together the top fashion do's and don'ts to make sure you stay on top of your sassy street game. It may feel like trends are constantly changing with the seasons and it can be hard to keep up with it all, but we have opted for simple and affordable tweaks that will see you through Spring in chic style. 

Tweak No.1#
Do: Lighter leather and brighter leather colors. Spring sees the natural welcoming change of color, and we say follow in mother nature's footsteps. Leather now comes in so many gorgeous colors — baby pinks, mellow yellows and sky blues are all wonderful for keeping you on trend this Spring. Blacks and Tans, whilst traditionally, the most popular of leathers can take a back seat for a while and let the rest of the color spectrum get a look. 

Tweak No.2#
Don't: Fret about the price of a leather jacket. There is a huge range of affordable leather jacket now that you could pick up two or three. You can try out different colors and see which works best with your wardrobe and your skin tone. The great thing about leather jackets is that they can be worn with pretty much EVERYTHING you own. Honestly, it is such a versatile item of clothing that it should be a MUST for all women. 

Tweak No.3#
Do: Opt for long sleeved or flared sleeved bodysuits. Bodysuits are an absolute winner for Spring. They can look both sexy and sophisticated at the same time. There are a millions options to choose from and can be worn for all sorts of occassions. Kim Kardashian is a particular advocat of a bodysuit. It can show off curves and smoothlines your body. Awesome!!

Tweak No.4#
Don't: Show off too much skin. Although warmer weather is on it's wait, we haven't yet hit the dizzy heights for singlets and cut offs. You may still have pearly white skin due to it's lack of exposure to the sun, not a good look. If you want to show off a little skin, think plunging necklines and baring your ankles. We promise you this is much more attractive and fashionable. 

Tweak No.5#
Do: Revive the 90's. We see so many fashions make a comeback, and this Spring 2019 — it's the noughty 90's. That's right! Neons, crop tops, mom jeans and chokers have all been brought back to celebrate the 90's fashion, but with a modern twist on it. Think neon coat or dress rather than leg warmers. Crop tops are being worn over tees or under maxi's. Mom jeans are being paired with silk shirts and heels instead of British Knights sneakers and chokers are most tastefully designed. 

Tweak No.6#
Don't: Go for Super Baggy. Oversized is a thing, for sure. Oversized sunnies, oversized sweaters, but just buying big and baggy is not a great look. The oversized or loose style should still be brought in your normal size. The clothing has been specially designed in a way to embrace the oversized look without looking like you are just wearing your grandpa's old blazer. 

Tweak No.7#
Do: Accessorise for Spring. We are always saying how accessories can polish off an outfit — into the style and look you wanted. With different jewelry, hats, scarfs, shoes, bags and make up, the same clothing can create 3/4/5 different outfits. Maybe you don't have any more room in your wardrobe for clothes this Spring, so opt for Spring accessories. Introduce Spring colors, think about lighter materials and make it fun mixing it up. 

Tweak No.8#
Don't: Be afraid to try something new. So maybe you have never worn electric blue eyeliner, try it out and see what you think. a top tip we have when trying something like new make-up out, is to wear it at home for a whole evening so you can get used to seeing you with a different look. If you don't often wear chokers, but want to get in on the 90's craze then again, pick them up and wear them for a few hours one evening. It is new to wear something around your neck like that, and you wouldn't want to be adjusting and pulling at it every few minutes in public. 

Take a look at of the outfits that will be trending this Spring, and how you can copy them. AND, if you purchase anything in store and post a selfie wearing your new gear to our social media accounts with the #ZefinkaOutfits-  you could win your cash back!!
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