The Guide to Tomboy Style Outfits

Tomboy style is typically masculine clothing, baggy and void of anything remotely considered girly. But what if you are a tomboy who still wants to feel sexy and desired. Check out our guide to the sexier tomboy outfits. 

Models, icons and, now, influencers have been wearing tomboy outfits for decades. Katherine Hepburn, portrayed by Cate Blanchet in the 2005 The Aviator, is probably one of the first quintessential tomboys in both style and in spirit. She wore pants, instead of dresses and kept her hair short in an era when it was deemed unladylike to dress in such a way.

Fast forward to the modern day tomboys such as Cara Delevingne or Kristen Stewart and it's easy to why this fashion trend has latest through the decades. What is even more impressive is the evolution is been on. From women making a stand against society's dated expectations to a fashion style in it's own right — without any gender identifying or sexual preference connotations being ebbed on to it. 

Tomboy and sexy are no longer mutually exclusive words. The tomboy style isn't just about wearing men's clothes. Although it does tend to lean more on the masculine side, it does not mean that you can't also be all things sassy and girly. Below are some of the fashion secrets from the most stylish icons on combining your love of tomboy style and your feminine qualities. 

Firstly, the hottest things that any girl can own is CONFIDENCE. Being comfortable in your own skin will ooze into what you wear. Be Independent, Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be a bad ass mother that don't take no crap from no-one. Say it with us… Be Independent, Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be a bad ass mother that don't take no crap from no-one.

Ok, so once you have quoted the Cool Runnings in the mirror at least 10x, it is time to style our tomboy outfit with feminine touches. 

Jewerly is one of the easiest and probably most affordable ways to add a little reminder that you are a girl to your tomboy ensemble. We do not suggest you start adding flowers broaches and pearls (although they would look good), but to stay on theme, silver bangles, arms bands, thumbs rings or multichain necklaces are all perfect. Mix leather bracelets together, or giant hooped earrings. We think you will like the resulting look. 

Whatever you decide to wear on your body, you still have hair and make up that can subtly change the overall tomboy look so a hotty tomboy style. Post-box red lippy is always a winner but even simple make-up can have a huge impact -  a little green eyeliner or blusher for example. And if you have the make-up mastery, smokey eyes would be our go-to for this style of dressing. Messy hair, a side plait or a dainty hair piece will also go a long way to adding some hints of femininity. 

If you don't mind flaunting what your mamma gave you, then flash a little flesh. The lingerie fashion has become very popular over the past two years and there is no reason why you are not able to incorporate this trend into the tomboy style. A blazer and open fronted button up layered over a lace bralette is stunning. OR, a cropped sleeveless tank that reveals some midriff… all James Dean inspired.

Scroll through the images below to see some our favorite sexy tomboy outfits. We hope they inspire you. 
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