The Hottest Fashion News: Corduroys Are Back Big Time!

Corduroy has made small comebacks here and there over recent years, but 2018 will see this rigid and ribbed fabric explode on our high streets and its thanks for the popular models and fashion icons that have donned flares, jackets, and skirts in a wide range of colors.


Designers have managed to take this really rather ugly material and design fabulous fashion clothing that the likes of Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have packed into their (expansive) wardrobes. They have magically taken what has always been considered as somewhat unsexy and brought us low waisted flared pants and well-fitted shirts to bring a new passion for corduroy. 


OK, so we know it will not become a nightclub staple. This material is anything but ideal for a light and loose cocktail dress but it is great for the preppy look, retro vintage style and hippie boho chic. It is certainly a great option for the Fall and Winter seasons with warming wool jacket linings or flared pants, but don't dismiss this entirely this summer.


Super cute, thin boyfriend jackets and buttoned up mini skirts are extremely popular right now. And there is a much wider range of colors to choose from. Deep evergreens, marvelous mulberry, and rich chocolate browns are all hanging on the shelves of our favorite stores. But, do you know where you will find some authentic corduroy — the thrift shops and vintage charity store. They are packed with the old retro fabric!


Here is how you too can become a stylish corduroy wearer. Check out some great clothes and outfits below of this highly trending retro fabric. AND if you purchase anything in store - post a selfie wearing your Zefinka gear to any of our social media accounts with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits and you could win your cash back.


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