The Hottest Summer Outfits Trending Now

We are bringing you the Hottest Summer Outfits that are Trending Right Now, how to copy them and where to get them. The top style icons and influencers give us the ideas and we bring you the know-how that shows the multiple great ways to dress up in summer's hot weather. Your Welcome! 

The lace lingerie look is still going strong and you should get on board this summer. It is easy, and comfortable to wear a lace bralette under a plunging tank or backless batwing sweater. This look is so versatile, it can be casual with denim shorts or dressed up with a pencil skirt and heels. 

Summer is a great time to bring your gypsy spirit out. Bohemian patterns, flowing fabrics, tassels and messy hair are all the norm for this kind of fashion. Boho style is easy breezy outfits where pretty much anything goes. If you really want to play around, try a feathered head-dress or boho facial art. 

Of course, we could give you style advice for the hottest summer outfits trending right now without mentioning florals. Floral have long since been a staple when it comes to your summer wardrobe. The trick is to find the items that look best on your figure. Dresses, jumpsuits, rompers and off-shoulder blouses are all extremely popular. And the florals come in a plethora of colors so there will certainly be one that matches your skin tones, hair and make-up preferences. 

Talking of make-up, when it comes to summer — less is definitely more. In recent weeks we have seen a surge of celebrities and influencer posting their make-up free head shots on social media and encouraging the rest of the female population to do the same. Whilst our message might differ, the end result is the same. Less is Best. Take care of your skin, and it will take care of you as you grow. Protect it and opt for the nearly naked look. A little gloss here and some eyelash extension there are fine. 

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Scroll through the images below to see some our favorite style influencers. We hope they inspire you. 

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Double denim can work in the summer, but add a little color and why not, a straw hat.
Ana Johnson looks stylish in a pretty lace bralette and backless light sweater and denim cut offs.
Danielle Berstein is loving a slip skirt, cropped cardigan & polka dot sling backs. HOT LOOK.
Florals are always a winner in summer, but off shoulder numbers add sex appeal to your summer look.
Jumpsuits are a MUST for every girls wardrobe in summer.
Slip dresses are still a huge trend. Millie Mackintosh looks awesome in this burnt orange piece.
Cute and casual summer style from Emma Louise Connolly.
Ana Johnson showcases the lose pleated stops and don't they look so carefree this summer.
Danielle Berstein looking sharpe in monochrome. What do you guys think of short suits for Spring?
Influencer Gabi Gregg shows us to wear a smock dress with style and sass.
Let a cute summer dress add a pop of color to your spring wardrobe!
Just LOVE thes types of split skirts.
Follow in Emma Louise Connelly step and opt for disco chic this summer.
Mirrored sunglasses... no need to say anything else.
Mix up your patterns like a rockstar. We love these animal print shorts.
Gabi Gregg wearing a mid calf pencil skirt, top and cropped cardigan in bright colors and looks incredible.
Don't forget to invest in some accessories this summer, they can really add style to an outfit.
Millie Mackintosh shows that trench coat fashion is a all year round fashion.
Emma Louise Connelly is one of our favorite style influencer. Her fashion and make up is never over the top.
I love this sort of outfit from Ana Johnson.
When you want to style up your swimwear steal Danielle Berstein's look with a silk headscarf
Summer is all about big bold colors and wearing them with confidence. This is Gabi Gregg's favorite jumpsuit
Summer is all about having fun with your friends, stylishly of course.
Utility suit and white ankle boots, one of the Hottest summer trends right now.