The Hottest Swimwear for your Vacay!

So you're SUPER excited about your upcoming vacation, but need new beach wear? We care that you look stylish and chic at ALL times. SO we've got the hottest swimwear in store for your summer vacay!

Okay girl, let's start with the most important — your swimmers! You need at least two options, right? But at our prices, AND free of charge delivery you might be able to squeeze that budget out to three or four. Yay! 

We've had our eyes glued to the influencers instafeeds, the celebrity magazines and the designer catwalks, to pick up the hottest swimwear range for you. With boho crochet options, neon colors, high legged swimsuits and criss-cross straps, we have really pulled together a great summer bikini and swimwear collection. So make space in your luggage for your new buys. 

Not only do we have an impressive selection of bikinis and swimsuits, we also have every beach accessory you could need. And we can tell you, you'll need them! Sun hats, kimonos, beach kaftans and tunics are great for your vacation because not only will they have you looking like a complete sand goddess, they can double for a beautiful “beach-to-bar” look. These clothes will keep you warm if it's a little chilly at night, or shield you from the harsh sun and stop your makeup melting off. Opt for colors that compliment your swimwear and match your wardrobe for extra style points. 

Explore our new range of bikinis and swimsuits for the hottest swimwear, and beachwear you'll need for your summer vacay! 

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Below are some of our best-selling bikinis and swimsuits. We hope they give you some style inspiration. AND if you purchase anything from our store, Post A Selfie wearing your Zefinka gear to our social media accounts with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits to win your cash back, or spend it again on another new item. 

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