The Lazy Woman's Guide To The Perfect Summer Outfits

Let's be honest: we would all rather spend just 10 minutes having to get dressed for whatever the day has in store for us than hours of painstaking swapping out and changing to finally be somewhat happy with our decision. What is it about finding the exact mismatching ensemble or perfectly matched shoes that drives us? And why when we have finally decided what to put on our feet do we then change the rest of the outfit anyway?


Ladies everywhere, all around the world spend umpteen hours stressing over what to wear to be comfortable but also stylish. Most of us strive to achieve a look that screams how effortlessly we put together our hair, makeup, and outfit; claiming the whole time I just threw this together when actually nothing could be further from the truth. 


Now, of course, not all of the female population suffer from this crippling fashion affliction. Some have mastered the art of actually not giving a f*ck, walking out in whatever they choose with no concern as to what others may think — and we applaud them for it. However, most of us do not have this same carefree attitude and naturally want to be thought of as well turned out in our social settings. 


Well, Ladies, our blog will detail how to put together sensational outfits with minimal effort so you can go from sofa to stunning in a flash.  We have been talking to our favorite fashion bloggers and super designers to understand what is needed to create a perfect summer outfit. With all this knowledge we have picked out the top tips that mean gorgeous outfits in 10 minutes. No fuss, No faffing. Just easy and undemanding. 


A wide range of costume jewelry, hats, head scarfs, and neck-ties. They can transform the same clothes into an endless amount of different looks. This is such a cheap way to get the most out of your wardrobe. 
Sticking to a light or a neutral color palette will ensure that your clothes can be easily matched together or with something bolder. You don't need to worry about red and green should never be seen, or was that yellow and green? brown and green? hmmm, who knows. 
Know your style! If you are a preppy girl at heart or a punk glam rocker then embrace that. We love to follow the latest trends but not all of them will work with your genre of fashion so love your style and stick to it. 
Buy for your frame! Whatever size of shape you happen to be, buy clothes that compliment it and you will never be stood in front of the mirror wondering if you have an unintentional baggy crotch or bulging flesh. This will only lead to hours of deliberation.  


We added some of our best looks that can be created with ease below. We would love to hear about what you wear.  AND if you purchase anything in the store and post a selfie it to our social media with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits we will give you your cash back to spend it again!
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