Little Black Dresses You Need in Your Wardrobe

As it is said that rule of a lady is explained in three words: Little. Black. Dress. A little black dress is a must have item in your wardrobe. Every girl and woman should keep a black dress in their cupboards because it is that one piece of cloth that will always make you look marvellous in seconds and can go with any type of a party. This is every woman's weapon. It makes them look sexier, slimmer and classier in no time.


It is a timeless outfit. It can never be out dated. Starting from Audrey Hepburn to today's top models, the little black dress is still letting these girls shine bright in it. Women in black dresses are found to be more attractive and sexy. It is a colour which makes you look simply elegant as well as slinky at the same time.


Before 1920, the colour black was retained for funerals or for the times of mourning. During 1920's the concept began to change. The little black dress has got a little history as well. It was when the «Coco Chanel», a famous French designer, published a picture of a model wearing a sleek simple black dress of short length in the American Vogue. It caught a lot of attention due to it's elegance and sexiness, both. It became the most influential outfit because it can be worn by any class or society, at any sort of a party/function and will never fail to make you look more beautiful. Also the editors of Vogue predicted that the little black dress would become "...a uniform for all women of taste."


As it is an essential item of a woman's wardrobe, our fashion designers from all over the world have made it necessary for us to buy more and more black dresses. They are being worn in jersey fabrics to give you an alluring look without much giving away at an evening party. A variety of black short dresses are available in countless fabrics and styles. In net, velvet, and silk, it will keep on making you look fabulous.  It is a complete outfit. You might want to put some nice heels and accessories on otherwise it needs nothing to compliment it as it is so charming itself.


Due to it's gracefulness and affordability it has survived through the centuries and even now, the little black dress is still momentous for women all around the globe. 


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