How To Rock the Velvet Trend This Winter

Velvet tops are becoming the newest fashion sensation to take over Instagram in terms of fabric. It is again another 90’s comeback outfit, making waves especially for winter and fall, since it is a bit too thick for springtime and summer weather. Velvet was making rounds last year as a major themes and a recurrent fabric on the runways in fall and it is definitely going to be an on-going trend for winter as well.  A few ways to wear velvet this winter are:


1.       The perfect winter accessory

Velvet is a soft and comfortable fabric and very warm. To a degree, this limits its wear ability, but this does not have to be the case. Velvet makes for great accessories, in the form of chokers, bracelets or even shoes. Make velvet your game-changer style piece for these seasons. The rich fabric also looks becomes the perfect accessory in the form of velvet handbags.


2.       Dress it up!

Velvet does not have to be limited to be worn with jeans, for a casual look or a dressy look only. You can also include velvet in your work wardrobe, in the form of a classy velvet suit, or even in the form of velvet pants, paired with a dress shirt.


3.       Spice up your shirts!

Make velvet the star to your outfit in the form of a velvet top, which you can pair with any non-velvet material to ensure that the velvet stands out on its own. Velvet tops are a sure way to make a style statement while also keeping you warm and can be layered additionally without looking frumpy as well.


4.       Glamourous colors:

Since velvet is a rich and luxury style fabric, it will do well to buy it in colors that enhance the richness and texture of the fabric and make you appear like royalty! Colors such as Bordeaux, Amber and a soft pastel pink are considered universally flattering on almost all skin tones.


5.       Velvet bottoms:

Do not restrict wearing velvet for the top half of your body only. The versatile velvet fabric can also be worn as pants, or even tights for that matter, to add a retro look to your overall outfit and have you looking fabulous!


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