The Most Popular Genious Street Style Ideas To Try Right Now

Street style may not be as old as fashion itself, but it’s definitely one of the most popular trends in fashion today. All over the world, men and women parade the streets in casual yet chic styles that define a unique category of fashion: the style the rules the streets. Every year, street style has its fair share of updates and trend changes but the classic street style concept remains the same. Let’s take a look at the most popular street style fashions!

Ripped Jeans are Always In

If there is one fashion that immediately jumps to mind when you think of street style, it’s ripped jeans. Street style makes ripped jeans work with literally anything. You could pull off a fancy top and heels with it if you’d like. And of course, to cater to the masses’ love for ripped jeans, we see all kinds of manufacturers making all kinds of ripped jeans so the fashion has become incredibly diverse and unique in itself.

Ankle Boots and Converse Trainers

If you have to invest in a single pair of shoes to go with all your street style outfits, opt for a pair of black leather ankle boots or plain black Converse’s. Since street style is all breaking changing trends and casually breaking the rules of fashion, you can’t go wrong even if you’re wearing worn out trainers with a pretty dress. It’s chic and not to mention, extremely comfortable.

Sweaters Can Never Go Wrong

Adding the “comfort” factor into street style, sweaters are one of the most popular fashions to wear. The diversity of sweaters makes for a unique trend of fall/winter street style – you’ll see oversized sweaters, crop top sweaters, sweater dresses, sweaters with rock and pop culture references, sweater uppers, and so much more. Sweaters have truly made their home in the heart and soul of street style.

Accessorize Casually: Wayfarers, Messenger Bags, Watches

Like any fashion trend, street style doesn’t happen without accessories (most of the times). The most popular accessories are those that casually accentuate your style – leather strap watches, large messenger bags and whatnot. And then there are wayfarers, the ultimate street style accessory. Wayfarers of all kinds are ideal for the perfect street chic look and this is a fashion that will never go out of trend because let’s face it, they look amazing.


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