The Most Popular Street Styles To Try Right Now

All over the world women parade the streets in casual yet chic styles that define a unique category of fashion: the style that rules the streets. Originating from British culture and giving women the freedom to differ from the mainstream. Every year, street style has its fair share of updates and new funky trends but the classic street style concept remains the same.

Let’s take a look at the most popular street style fashions hitting our streets this season!

Move over leopard print, it's snakeskin's time in the limelight. We have seen a huge surge in animal print over the past year but coming out as the front runner this season is snakeskin. Designers have highlighted the standard snakeskin colors of green and browns making them more vibrant, AND introduced some color injection with oranges and yellow tones being brought into the mix. From boots to skirts to blouses and even earrings — snakeskin is the new “in” thing! 

OK, so we have seen the revival of the turn-up. Mom jeans, skinnies and even pants suits are being rolled up the ankle enthusiastically. But we are here to tell you that this season's hottest street trend is the tuck-in. Yep, if you are going to be stepping out in ankle boots, shin highs or knee high boots then the most popular way to style your outfit is to tuck your pants into your footwear (obviously this does not work with your trusty converse — stick to the turn-ups there). Opt for wide pant legged pants.  

Word on the street is that Slip Dresses are the new Maxi Dress this summer season. The silk and satin slinky fabrics are being worn over roll necks, under button-ups and simple on their own for a street style chic that is sweeping across the world. Made hugely popular by our most stylish celebs and fashion influencers, this a look from the lingerie trend that is firmly here to stay. The ultra-light material not only looks stunning, it is a great option as the temperatures start to sore. 

And the accessory of the hour… Bamboo bags! Internet engines have had a surge in searches for Bamboo bags and Rattan bags, it seems that every gal, across the world is trying to get their hands on one. it is easy to see why, not only are they fashionably stylish, they have the added benefit of being matched with basically ANY outfit. If you are going to invest in just one new accessory this season, this is the one.

We are going to breeze over the biker shorts craze, we concede that it is popular but seriously we cannot get on-board with it! 

So our final popular street style trend to try right now is Bodysuits! In all their absolutely fabulous fashionable glory, they really are our hot street style tip. They are super affordable and come in an abundant amount of cuts, designs, prints and fabrics making the extremely versatile. They will never leave you untucked and they conture to your body; accentuating all the right areas — as long as you stick to the golden rule of buying the size that fits you best regardless to what the labels says. 

Scroll through the images below to see some the Most Popular Street Styles To Try Right Now. We hope they inspire you. 

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