The Most Popular Winter Street Styles To Try Right Now

Thinking up chic winter outfits can be a mission, especially if you are on a budget. Well, Zefinka are here to give you creative inspiration to come up with stylish outfits for pennies. The Zefinka team have gathered awesome ideas from our favorite fashion bloggers and street-style stars, across the world, and brought them to you in this blog. 

Get a great Teddy Bear Coat
All the stylish peoples are wearing them. A teddy bear coat is something that can be worn with anything else in your wardrobe. And what's even better than that — a simple tweak can transform the look. Belt your teddy up, or add a neck scarf and you will see how, even though you are always wearing your teddy, the outfits are never the same. 

Chiara Ferragni is a fan of the Teddy Bear Coat. Ariana Grande looks sexy on this white teddy coat. Julie Sarinana is a fan of teddy coats.
         Source                                                                        Source                                                      Source

A layered roll neck is Oh So Chic
An assortement of long sleeved roll necks is a very simple and affordable way to style up your current wardrobe. Don't throw that stunning maxi dress or cute playsuit to the back of your wardrobe just yet, pair them with a roll neck and Viola! you have an gorgeous winter outfit. If you are looking for extra sophistocation pair a roll neck with a shirt and palazzo pants like VB.

Designer Victoria Beckham loves a rollneck and dress combo Beautiful Meghan Markle teams up a roll neck with a blue and white blazer. Victoria Beckham loves a rollneck and shirt combo.
 Source                                                           Source                                                                                             Source

Leather Jackets don't have to be Expensive. 
Every gal needs a leather jacket and never more so than in the winter months. Leather jackets are thick and warm. All the fashion influencers, models and top fashion icons are wearing them because they know these stylish jackets are a winning in Winter. Great for layering with sweaters, shirts, dresses or even denim jackets. And contrary to popular belief, these oh so cool items are reasonable inexpensive. 

Jordan Dunn beats the winter in a leather jacket and all black. The late, great Kyrzayda Rodriguez knows that a good leather jacket is a winter MUST HAVE. Rosie Huntington Whiteley is a fan of a leather jacket.
Source                                                                       Source                                                                    Source

Accessories are your winter MUSTs!
Winter is the season when your accessories are not only stylish, they are a necessity. So, if you have to wear them — why not use them to really perfect your outfit. As these are such are affordable items — buying different colors, different patterns, and materials means you can mix and match, making countless different looks all winter long. Hats, scarf (neck, head and hair), gloves, bags, boots and belts go a long way in Winter! 

Cara Delevingne signature accessory is a beanie hat. Taylor Swift opts for a chunky knit scarf and pom poms to finish off her look. Zoe Kravitz layers up with a faux fur coat, scarf and a thumb holes sweater.
Source                                                                                        Source                                                  Source

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