The Most Stylish Black and White Outfits from Top Fashion Icons

There is nothing more classic — and chic — than a black and white ensemble. Pairing black and white to make stunning stylish outfits have been a staple in the fashion world since time began. Forever on trend, our top fashion icons feel the same. No matter who you follow, sooner or later (probably sooner) you will see them strutting out in this classic color scheme.

Before any of you less enthusiastic fashionistas declare that nowadays it is all about mixed patterns and bold colors, let us tell you why you should not be so quick to dismiss this timeless style. Black and white does not equal boring, hell no — it is anything but. With so many designs on the market now from polka dots to pearls you would never feel like you are dressing down. You can be just as creative with two colors — in some cases more so. 

We could not carry on without mentioning just how damn easy it is to wear black and white, or white and black. Maybe you are a gal who isn't interested in knowing the perfect color combination for your skin tone. Maybe you like to know that whatever you wear — IT WORKS — taking the hassle out of it. Well, with this classic fashion you never need to worry. It going to work. In fact, it is hard to look bad in black and white. 

Another great reason to ensure you have some black and white items hanging around your wardrobe is that no matter where you are going, black and white has your back. Looking for something classic, ladylike, sexy and glamour? Or casual, chic, edgy and confident. Well, you will be able to master the look you want without too much effort. 

Lastly, if you simply cannot bear to lose all elements of color or shimmer, then you will have no trouble finding a perfect pair of shoes or item of jewelry to match your outfit. Black and white goes with anything and everything. From pink tassel earrings to leopard print heels and everything in between. 

Below are some of our favorite black and white outfits that have been seen out and about on the streets this summer.

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