The New Big Thing is Fashion: Snake Print

Move over leopard print, snake print is the new firm favorite when it comes to animal prints. The big cat print has until recently been the clear leader when it comes stepping out and walking on the wild side of life. But that reign has come to an end as we see the emergence of snake print — in all it's colorful glory. 

It seems to have been a relatively natural evolution for fashion's fixation on leopard print onto snake print. However, there is one awesome style enhancement we are seeing from snake print… its wide range of alternatives from the original print. Although we saw some variations to the traditional browns dots of leopard print, when it comes to snake print, designers are going all out. Bright colors, varying snakeskin patterns — faux, of course — and all fabrics are up for grabs. 

From the classic grey and black to marvellous maroons, gorgeous greens, wicked whites, and even yellows, designers have proven that snake print does not have to be confined to the traditinonal earthy colors that are a snakes most famous secret weapon. These awesome reptiles are masters of diguise, camouflaging into their surroundings. However with this seasons offerings, you will be the stand out rather than blending in. 

So, how can you join this trend? What should you be wearing? Well, like all things fashion — it comes down to your personal style preferences. You can pick out any clothing and accessory item in snake print. From earrings to boots. Blouses to shorts. There is certainly something out there that will suit your style. 

Take a peek at some of the outfits we love the most from the top style icons and women across the the world. It is easy to see how they have firmly put snake print in fore front of fashion. And, with our new snake print collection in store, it is easy to copy them.

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