The Off the Shoulder Trend and the Many Ways You Can Make It Work

There was a time when off the shoulder tops were extremely in fashion – and now they’re not only in fashion but also considered a wardrobe essential. From dresses to tees, blouses, and sweaters, off the shoulder is a style that works across many fashion basics and you can make it look hot and sexy, sophisticated and formal or sweet and preppy as you like it. Here we’ve covered some of the popular off the shoulder styles that everybody loves!


The Sophisticated

This is what we look the dressed for an evening out or a dressed for the ballroom kind of look. It’s the kind of sophisticated reserved for special nights and choosing an off the shoulder dress or top for it is always a good idea. There are plenty of dresses that offer the off the shoulder look in formal dresses and tops you can choose from.


The Casual

Think oversized tees falling off or wrinkled off the shoulder tops designed to give you rumpled, messy yet hot kind of look and you’ve got the perfect look featuring off the shoulder tops. In the case with such tops, the idea is always to make the off the shoulder more unintentional and less on purpose – and it works!


The Cute

With one shoulder or both shoulders of a formal or semi-formal top falling just right, it’s easy to look cute and adorable. Whether you go for an off the shoulder crop top or off shoulder sweater, you can perfect the cute look flawlessly. Pair your top with some casual jeans and cute shoes – perhaps make a side braid – and voila, you’ve got the cute look down!


The Funky

You would be surprised at just how many unique, exotic, and funky styles are available for off the shoulder tops and shirts. There are tops with laces all over the place or ruffles or tunic like off the shoulder tops and so much more. It’s actually a delight going through them and wearing them as a unique fashion statement.


Whether you’re big on street style, love dressing up just right for the best occasions, or are going to travel to some exotic place, you can’t ever go wrong with off the shoulder tops so if your wardrobe doesn’t feature any, it’s time to buy them now!


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