The Spring Statement Bracelets Trend

Even if you don’t want to wear statement bracelets, they still make their way to your jewelry boxes. They come in a variety of colors and styles that they attract our eyes, especially when they are hanging on aisles in jewelry stores with a lot of lights shining on them! Before we even got our ears pierced, we had a lot of chunky, beaded and colorful bracelets all over us. If you pick a bracelet wisely, you won’t need extra detailing in your dressing. So brace yourself, we are about to tell you some amazing ways team up your flawless statement bracelets!


Cuffs: This is the coolest piece of jewelry you can wear. Cuffs are of many types and can be worn to almost every occasion. Cuffs can cost as low as 5 dollars to thousands of dollars. Some are just made of leather and you can find some with sparkly diamonds on it.

Wear a cuff made of leather or strings every day with any outfit. The expensive ones cannot be worn every day. If you are thinking what to wear at a grand party, team up your long maxi dress with a decent cuff with pearls on it.


Wear statement bracelets on office meetings: We all know how hard it is to wear bracelets to work. They either keep on jiggling on our hands or won’t let us work on a keyboard. If you have the same problem, here is a solution! Pop a statement bracelet in your hand bag and only wear it to meetings! An elegant and attractive silver colored statement bracelet will go on every office outfit.


Pair it up with jeans and a sweater: Team up your statement bracelet with a gray sweater and boot cut pants. Silver sandals with straps will look good with a silver metallic handbag. To complete the look wear a long statement necklace and you’re ready with this stylish look!


Statement bracelet and a floral summer dress: If you’re in a mood to look pretty and not put extra efforts, here is a look you must try. Pick a purple floral dress and team it up with metallic heels and a white clutch. Wear purple earrings and a silver statement bracelet will complete your outfit!


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