The Summer Accessories You Need

Jewelry, bags, shoes and hair pins allow you to easily style up, or dress down, your clothes without spending too much money. In today's blog we have the summer accessories you need to get you through the season in style. 

Slogan Hair Pins
These funky little pins have made a sudden and unexpected appearance across the influencers, models and fashionistas across the world. They have gone bonkers for the bling pins. Slogans are really getting some hot attention, especially those that really put out a statement. And we have to say that we just love them. 

Wooden Weave Earrings & Bags
We all know that wooden weave and rattan bags have been on-trend for a while now, right? Well, the earrings are just as popular too. What a stylish winning combination — every gal should jump on-board with summer trend. Moving away from animal skins, away from plastics and on the more natural look. Wooden weave is in! 

Sheer Socks
OK, so unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, you would have spotted the sheer socks craze. Sheer socks and sneakers, sheer socks and heels, sheer socks and ballerina pumps, you name it — sheers socks can be worn with it. Who would have thought it?! but sheer socks are the new hot trend on the streets right now. And let us tell you, there is nothing remotely “old lady” about this look. 

Satin/Silk Scarfs
These little beauties are the most versatile accessory of the summer. They can be worn in the hair, yay! Have you seen them weaved through braids? GENUIS! They can be worn, traditionally, around the neck. They can be used as headbands or bandanas. You might even be able to cheat a little on the headband and buy them already attached to an actual band winking-face They can also be used to decorate a bag, a belt or a top pocket! 

Have a scroll through some our favorite summer fashion accessories below, we hope they give you a little summer accessory inspiration. Your Welcome! 

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