The T-shirt and Denim Shorts Look

Your casual t-shirt and denim shorts look should be effortless, as well as super comfortable. Here are few things to think about that will style up your summer style to perfection. 

No #1
Select denim shorts that fit well. Try to avoid going too tight and have parts of your body bulging out unsightly. The oversized look is more popular right now than tight look. This might have something to do with the #metoo movement and moving away from overly sexualising your body. Whatever the reason, we are only too happy with this new trend but you should wear what you feel comfortable in and look fabulous wearing. 

No #2
Have a good selection of tee's for your shorts. It is both easier and cheaper to change your tee rather than your shorts over summer. It is far more noticeable for the onlooker too. T-shirts come iin thousands of designs and cuts so you have plenty to choose from. If you have a signature style, don't sway too far from it, but if your do not go wild and mix up your styles. I find just by changing my tee, I change my hair, make-up and accessories too. 

No #3
Don't always fly solo in your t-shirt and shorts. Blazers, denim jackets, tights, neck scarfs etc all work really well with the tee and shorts look. They can be easy ways to style up your look, or add some extra layers to your look. I love pairing mine with Blazers, I just think it is such a streets chic look. 

No #4
No we know this is not strictly a t-shirt but a crisp white button up also look super stylish with denim shorts so we are sneaking it into the fashion tips on our blog. The chic look is just a level up when you have a social event or a special someone you want to impress with your fashion savvy outfit. 

No #5
Denim on denim is a always a winner. Once a mocked fashion look, denim-on-denim has completed an incredible 180* and is now a pairing that most of us are only too happy to pull off. If you can mix up the denim colors, even better but the classic stonewash will never fail you. A denim jacket will also add a layer when the sun goes down and the night becomes chilly. 

Check out the looks that we love, incorporating our style tips above, we hop that give you some summer t-shirts and shorts inspiration.

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