The Top 40 Shoe & Bag Trends for This Season

Bags and shoes are the extensions of every outfit! It is no wonder that women have had a long love affair with handbags and high heels or satchels and sandals. These seemingly everyday items can transform a dress from a summer casual garb to an elegant evening ensemble. This love and, in many cases, addiction have brought many remarkable designs and concepts into the fashion world. Designers are eager to lavish us with even more choice and variety for our wardrobes and to make the most of the garments we have hanging in them. 


The handbag is an essential item for every women's wardrobe. It has become the ultimate 21st-century object of desire, seeing many women survive for a month on beans on toast to pick up one of the current luxurious handbags design houses have to offer. The handbag has been elevated to a symbol of social standing and it no longer just a useful storage place for all our much needed daily essentials. They need to reflect the style and attitude with their owner and work in harmony with the whichever outfit is worn. The most sought-after bags are so powerful in the fashion world that the outfit becomes the accessory and it is the handbag that is thrust into the limelight at social events. With all this said, when it comes to choosing a handbag, you should not hold back as the right one will enhance your personality and boosts up your confidence. We have scoured the streets and been watching the fashion world to put together a collection of handbags and what to wear them with to give you some great outfits this season.


Our footwear is equally as important at the handbag we choose. Pretty heels or streetwise pumps have as much influence on our outfit choices as the clothes themselves. They have the ability to accentuate our figures, in the same way, make-up can our facial features so careful thought should be placed on each and every purchase. They can project our mood. Whether we want to look sexy and alluring in high stilettos, or playful and street chic in the modern sneaker fashion that has been evolving over the recent decade, we use what we put on our feet to portray our feelings. Shoes in of all heights are available to us and in an assortment of designs for every occasion. Even the humble flip-flop has been raised to a high profile level with such headlines given to their wearers as «the model-off-duty look». We know that our readers are as excited about using shoes to make an outfit perfect so we have researched the lastest fashion trends and put together stylish outfits ideas for you to copy. 


Ultimately, as any fashionista will tell you, a large collection of bags and shoes will allow you to make one dress into 10 outfits or transform the same jeans from retro hippie chic to classy evening elegance. Your wardrobe can be enriched with great options of both; one can never get enough handbags and shoes! 


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