The Ultimate Guide to Wearing a Jumpsuit with Style

When you just need one piece of clothing that looks fantastic for any occasion, the jumpsuit comes to my mind. It is fashionable, on-trend, stylish, and flattering, all wrapped up in one garment. Perfect, right? Hhhhhmmm, I hear a lot of you think. Not convinced — why is that? Because jumpsuits strike fear into even the most adventurous fashionista. 


When worn right, the jumpsuit can look stunning. It will hug all the right curves of your body, accentuate all the right features and show off your most desirable physical attributes. However, get it wrong and you are a walking fashion disaster. So choosing the right one for your style and shape is key.


Here at, we have a guide for everything you'll ever need to know about choosing a jumpsuit that works with your body and style. Trust us and we will make you look utterly amazing. 

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Jumpsuits came in many different fabrics, designs, and cuts. Matching the right type to your figure is how you will be able to strut your stuff with confidence in one (or more) of these stylish wardrobe essentials. We have been following our favorite fashion icon, reading up on all the trending fashion blogs and been out on the streets to see what looks best on what frame. Below is our guide to for you but remember always try before you buy — changing room and mirrors are there for a reason! 


Petite and Slender -  We suggest looking for a slim fit tailored leg option. Too much fabric can swallow up a small frame and cause bunching around the ankle. Unless designed to bunch, this will only cause the wearer to look like they are wearing big sister's hand me downs. Most jumpsuits in this style will have an all over color with elegant cuts. 
Pear-Shaped — An off the shoulder option is great for the those who have hips to flaunt. Ruffled or additional layering can help balance out wider hips and a flash of the collarbone is attractive and slimming. There are many different unique shapes and design ofthese jumpsuits. Find something that suits your personality to perfection. 
Tall and Leggy — Flaunt those feature ladies. Wide-legged jumpsuits are perfect for a tall frame. Elongating the legs without being tight fitting, they provide comfort and confidence. Try ankle length, as well as full length, options to see if they suit your style. The wide leg options have the most creative and flamboyant patterns of all the jumpsuits so have fun. 
Big Busted — Plunging necklines or V necks are a great option for those well endowed. Button up frontswill compliment your cleavage in a sophisticated way. If you feel a little self-conscious that pop a camisole under your jumpsuit -  this can also bring an extra layer of color to the ensemble. Belting your jumpsuit or jumpsuits with a belted waist can draw the eye away from the bust to the waist also. 


Take a look below at some of our favorite looks from our most recent fashion stalking! We have tried to cover all sorts of shapes and sizes but if there is a particular type we have missed get in touch through social media or the store — we are only too ready to help! 






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