The Very Best Outfits for a Work to Party Lifestyle

Now that the sunny days and summer nights are here, its time to start leaving the office (or the kids) behind to hang with friends and enjoy the weather. We have a fabulous collection of outfits that means you can go straight from day to night effortlessly. 


One of the main rules for looking your best is to give careful consideration to the finished look. You want to give a vibe of effortlessness and at the same time polished and tidy. This means manicured nails, tamed hair, neutral or light shades of makeup, polished shoes, ironed clothes, and run-free leggings — as long as you’re properly polished, you can make any outfit look amazing!


A Classic White Blouse
You can never go wrong with a crisp, classic white blouse. It keeps your look professional and fresh at the same time. Try a brightly colored knee length skirt with a white silk blouse and casual black blazer for a polished, stylish look. Then when you are ready to hit the bar, all you need is a splash of color from a necklace, neck scarf or funky hat. 


Bold Bodysuits

A bodysuit solves any problems around a change of clothes, just keep it under wraps until your are ready to head out for the evening. No longer do you need to worry your top being creased. A bodysuit hugs you in all the right places making a beautiful silhouette that takes you from day to night with ease. Bodysuits come in solid colors, with zips, low backs, and additional strappy details. If you're wearing a daring bodysuit, take a jacket for a refined style and take the jacket off for after-work drinks. 


Colorful Pumps

What a great way to transform your ensemble for daytime professional to relaxed evening socialite. If your outfit is rather neutral try some colorful floral pumps for a stand-out look. Fitted pants and harem pants really complement this look. And remember a woman can never have too many shoes. 


Stylish Stilettos

If you are going from Momlife or labor intensive work where you will already be in your pumps, then the reverse of the above is needed. Pop a stunning stylish pair of stilettos in your bag for later and see how your whole figure changes when you change into them. Shorts and skirts are great for both pumps and heels. 


Chunky Statement Jewelry

Everybody knows a statement piece of jewelry can make an outfit. When you are ready to hit the town slip on a bracelet, wear a gorgeous silk scarf in your hair, or some pearls for bringing your daytime outfit to life — nightlife! Earrings are also great and depending on how daring you go can add a little dazzle to your outfit after dark. 


Take a look at our favorite work to party outfits below and tell us what you think? We would love to hear from you...  AND if you purchase anything in the store — post a selfie wearing your new Zefinka gear to any of our social media accounts with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits and you could win your cash back.
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