The Vintage Tee and Tulle Skirt Trend

Once again partnering the unthinkable has become the fashion world's hottest trend, and in 2018 it's the over the top tulle skirt and the classic vintage or rock tee. This punk glam style, worn by the likes of Rhianna and Karlie Kloss, is fun and fabulous for the coming summer months. 


Fashion is all about making a personal style statement and LOVING how you feel. You will absolutely love how you feel when you are wearing this outfit. No matter if you prefer short, mid of full-length tulles, these awesome rock tank tees actually pair perfectly with them. Try it and see what all the fuss is about, you won't be disappointed. 


This ensemble also begs for additional quirky and over the top accessories. Big costume jewelry, bold colors and if the sun is out, get those sunglasses out. Hair and makeup can be done any which way you fancy. That's the benefit of these unusual clothes match up. The conventional and the «norm» goes out the window so have fun and make this craze work for you, bring your own style to the outfit. 


Still not convinced? Well, another great reason to get involved with this rock glam chic look is the totally open wide options for footwear. You can stick with dainty heels if that is your style, but this look also works well with chunky DM boots, sneakers and animal print flats. It is so versatile and we are urging you to pick up your vintage tees and tulle and get ready for summer. 


Check out our vintage tees and tulle outfits below and tell us what you think? We would love to hear about what you wear.  AND if you purchase anything in the store and post a selfie it to our social media with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits we will give you your cash back to spend it again!


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