These 12 Dresses Are Perfect for Your Work Christmas Party

The festive season is fast approaching which means that the office parties are getting into full swing. Our team at Zefinka have hunted down 2018's very best dresses that are perfect for your work Christmas party, transforming the tired, 5'oclock you to into a sparkling, 8 o'clock you. 

Some women dread the Christmas party coming around each year. Going from professional trouser suit to sequinned party dress isn't always an easy transition to make. Women often have a harder time achieving in the work place so donning a dress and letting your hair down isn't always an inviting prospect. We get you girlfriend, and we have your back. 

Firsty, we have handpicked dresses from our collection that will ensure you look sensational without comprimising the hard earned respect you have amongst your office colleagues. All our dresses are stylish and sophisticated. We have included different cuts and featured details to ensure there is an option for every sort of taste and preference. 

Secondly, when deciding on a dress that is relatively plain compared to the sequins and glitz of others, you can bring the party vibes using accessories. Never have accessories been more popular. You can easily create 10 different looks from one dress when you spend a little time choosing your accessories. They are an affordable and stylish way to stretch your budget and attend multiple office parties or afterwork drinks without having to splash out on multiple dresses. 

Lastly, nails, hair and make up ladies! You could be dressed head to toe in a black binbag but with a gold glitter eye shadow or some festive nail polish and dazzling hair, you will still look a million dollars! Alright, maybe not a million dollars in a binbag but you get our point. Investing a little time on your make up, hair and nail shows you take pride in your appearence. Our advice through, do not go over the top — sometimes less is defintely more. 

Check out some of our favorites office party dresses, accessories and make up — we have brought the sophistication to your but we can't stop you getting on that photocopier. However, if you purchase anything in store and post a selfie wearing your Zefinka gear to any of our social media accounts with the #ZefinkaOutfits and you could win your cash back
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