Think Sequined Clothing Isn’t For You?

Here’s a fun fact about sequins: they have been around for thousands of years, initiating from the fashion of ancient Greeks. The Greeks used to make holes into their coins, put them together on a garment and stitch them to make luxury apparel items for the people of the high class. These sequins made the garment heavy and expensive – but of course, thousands of years later, the trend has become simplified and now we have sequins made of plastic, which is practical for everyone. However, there are still many women who think sequins are too much and just not for them – but we say sequins are for everyone!


For years, the trend of sequined clothing has been seen on fashion ramps, magazines, celebrity styles, and streets. This is a trend that is not overhyped but always remains constant year after year, which is why sequins never go out of style. If sequins are not for you on an everyday basis, don’t worry! They aren’t meant to be worn every day, but having a sequined top or two in your wardrobe can sure help when you want to dress up a little and stand out sparkling! For instance, say you have to attend a formal ceremony like an award show or glamorous kind of party – here is your moment to shine, literally! A sequined top or tunic looks stunning on these occasions.


But that only takes into perspective formal and nighttime occasions – what about wearing sequins in the daytime? You’d be surprised how popular the trend of wearing sequins in the daytime is, especially in the fall and winter days when the days can get gloomy and dark. Tops with a little sequined pattern or design are extremely popular and subtly add sparkle to your look without being overdone. However, the secret to wearing sequins in the daytime is to opt for dull or neutral colors so the sparkles seem soft and subtle. For example, you could wear a grey sequined top with black jeans or a beige sweater with sequins! For more party-like occasions, tops like blue or pink with sequins look amazing. At the end of the day, it’s all about wearing sequins the right way – and sequins become something all women can boast with confidence!


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