Tips to Wear Crop Tops in a Stylish Way

Why would you not wear a crop top when it is in trend for years? First, these crop tops were very popular in 1980s when one was wore by Madonna and many other famous celebrities of that time. Later on, favorite celebrities of most people like Christina, Britney Spears and the Spice Girls also rocked this crop top fashion. Then the trend of wearing crop top disappeared for some time, but the great news is crop top fashion is back!

When other fashions appeared, some people loved those trends while others missed wearing crop tops. It seems like while the trend disappeared, it was preparing to come up with something more stylish and amazing. You can definitely rock a crop top in all seasons. If you are not a crop top lover then you will surely be after reading the following tips.

High-Waist – Let’s go trendy this year and try high-waist crop tops. Since it is a high waist crop top, it is going to reveal a little of your bottom waist which gives you a really hot look. For instance, you can try a black colored high-waist top along with white or light grey pants and black heeled-pumps.

Bright Midi – Trying a sleeveless and fitted crop top is also perfect for you. The top covers your neck and reveals your bottom waist line. You can wear a bright colored crop top like orange or pink with baggy jeans or ripped ones which will really look amazing in spring season.

One with Sleeves – Thinking what to wear in winters? Something that would keep you warm but would make you look stylish at the same time. Well, wearing a crop top with long sleeves is also a great idea to be elegant and stylish in winter. You can try them with skinny jeans or straight pants or even boy fit jeans.

Tie-Up – Tie-up your crop top to look a little funky and cool! Ready to go to the beach? Wear your crop top in a tie-up way with denim shorts and sunglasses and rock your day!

Short Length – These short length tops are also great to wear in summer and autumn. These crop tops don’t reveal your skin until you raise your arms.

So, get your crop tops and stay confident!


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