Top-10 Beauty Ideas With Handkerchief Skirts

Skirts come in a variety of colours and styles. Handkerchief skirts are one of the most common skirts worn by women. It’s not only about the pop of colour, the style also matters. The skirts are really comfortable and they look amazing on all age groups. Giving a very feminine touch to your personality and punch of decency, they hand beautifully on the aisle of clothing stores not only making their way to the top on the list of fashion trends, but also making place in every girl’s heart,

You need some know how about the skirts before you buy one for yourself. Here are some styles you can pick:

The style-o-graph: A very mesmerizing and elegant looking one piece of clothing named as a handkerchief skirt can be worn on a bright sunny day. It can be worn to formal and casual parties. Styled up in an amazing combination, green stripes on a white background with a collar neck style, the dress doesn’t need any accessories as it speaks for itself. All you need to team it up with is a pair of sky blue heels and a pair of sunglasses.

Pop sugar: Pop stars don’t only wear shiny clothes. The pop sugar style of handkerchief skirts is a very glowing one. Choose a bright colour with beautiful patterns made on it. Style your outfit by wearing a bright coloured hand bag on your shoulder. If you pick a blue skirt, go for a yellow hand bag to give a classier look.

The model-off-duty look: Here are two super model looks that will definitely make you try them out! Team up a white handkerchief skirt with a tea-pink loose upper with high slit openings. The over coat kind of shirt adds the missing colours to the dress. Hang a bag on your shoulder and wear a pair of sunglasses according to your face shape. The best thing you could add to this outfit is a pair of glowing brown boats. P.s: The boots would be the first thing people would notice on you!

Another hot-chic look for you is to team up a royal blue handkerchief skirt with similar coloured pair of pants. You can wear a maroon hat if you like to. A pair of cat-eyed sunglasses will add a glow to your face!


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