Top-12 Basic Spring Looks with Belts

Let's find out the most basic types of belts, and in what forms are they available.


The Classic Style Belt: this is the most needed belt that have to be present in every woman`s wardrobe. As per experts, it is the first thing a woman should look for. Classic style belts come in two most basic colors, black and brown. This type of belt forms as a style staple to your attire. Investing in a good quality classic style belt is an absolute sensible idea that will never leave you to regret over your decision.


The Woven Style Belts: for women who want to get out of jeans and tops and want to try out beautiful dresses then woven style belts should be there first pick. These belts come in different colors, however the top most rated colors In these belts includes brown and other tan tones.  These color shades are versatile and can be paired up with any dress. Woven style belts are different from other forms of belts  as they don’t have a custom buckle. In woven style belts you can find an unlimited sizing option, making is convenient for every woman to wear.


The Printed Animal Style Belts: printed animal style belts have marked their way into the fashion world. These belts can be worn over any dress. These belts give a versatile touch to the overall look.


The Wide Style Belts: as per experts, these belts shape up the body in the best way. They tone the curves in your body bring out the feminine touch even better. These belts come in unique colors and styles.


The Colorful Belts: these belts can spice up your simple dress making it look gorgeous and trendy at the same time. Designers are working hard on building up an entire collection of these belts so that you can enjoy them in any color you can think of.


The Skinny Belts: putting your money in exchange of a cool, sexy skinny belt is the best deal you should opt for. These belts look trendy as well as modern at the same time. They can be used for both cinching the dress and adding value and definition to your trousers. 


The Metallic Style Belt: if you want to look back in the 80s, then you will surely find metallic belts at every corner. These belts can still be found in markets. There skinny appearance speaks for your entire attire. They look fabulous on rough jeans. 


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