Top-12 Best Cozy Coat Looks This Winter

What are the first things that shows up as soon as the winter breeze swing their way all around the streets. Well yes its your coat, that takes up almost all the scape in your wardrobe, there are coats that are worn during warm and moderate temperature but some coats are only for the winters. Since the list is huge, we are going to discuss the most commonly worn coats during the winter season. 

The Pea Coat: pea coats are very famous all across the world. They are made up of 100% polyester. They are very comfortable to wear and can go with any clothes you want them to paired up with.  However, they look dazzling when paired up with rough jean pea coats look very much like military and double breasted coats. They are tailored made in a way they look as if the warm fabric is hugging you they come in different shades so can be worn over any outfit. 


The Duffel Coat: duffel coats is best suited for every woman. These coats are made up of a mixture of different materials. The composition of a duffel coat includes 5% of polyester, 52% wool and 43% of the fiber. The pockets of the hands are angled with vertical style  zip chest pockets. Duffel coats shape up the body, giving it a slim trim look. They also have hoods that are detachable. For winter and windy seasons, hood helps in keeping you warm and gives an additional support. 


The Fur Coat: the fur coat is suitable for both fall and winter season as they can be detached from the fur inside. So keeping the season in mind, fur coats can be worn depending on the situation. Fur coats can also be worn as trench coats. Their style of these coats is fixed and specific, therefore it is suggested to purchase one size bigger than yours..



Cape Coat: cape coats are every woman`s favorite. They are the most stylish coats and act as a top that can be worn over any dress. They look gorgeous with jeans and skinny trousers. Cape coat is a combination of 100% polyester, 10% viscose and 65% wool. Cape coats are not body fitted. Instead, they are a quiet lose. These coats are best known for their fur style and the way they are trimmed. If you are tired of wearing the same regular jacket, then can always opt for a stylish chic cape coat. The trend of cape coats initially started from the European nation. 


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