Top 20+ Blogger Looks of Fall 2018 to Wear Now

From New York, London, Milan, and Paris, these are the trends to look out for in Fall 2018.
The 80s are back: think big shoulders, leather and ruching. Trending is lots of metallic, animal prints and men’s style jackets & coats.

Fall is going to be fun! There’s such an array of color and unique style paired together. We’ve seen crochet, patchwork, quilting, and tons of plaid in all shapes and forms. From jackets to skirts and two-piece outfits, these prints are clashing in a fashion-forward style.

For those of you who love floral prints, you’re in for a real treat. There’s sweet delicate notes as well as bold flower designs complete with applique details. No color is left out. On the runway, we’re seeing the whole palette from canary yellows to deep blues and greens.

For a feminine power look, this season has it all. Choose bold shoulders and head-to-toe leather. Skinny jeans match perfectly with the new age, futuristic clear and metallic boots.

Remember to hang on to your summer dresses and chic scarves. These can double as fall outfits with a little adjusting. As white is a staple color that’s not going anywhere for fall, a simple denim jacket can help with the transition into the cooler months. It’s minimalism at its best.

For coats, you will love the style this fall. It’s totally cozy and teddy bear-like. It will give you all those romantic feels and make you feel right at home — like you never left your couch. The fuzzier, the better. Think long coats in caramel shades and animal prints. What’s even better is that you can wear these over romantic bohemian dresses or a power striped jumpsuit. They really do pair well with any outfit.


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