Top 4 Appropriate Dresses For Office Chic Lookbook

Women’s fashion in professional and corporate environments is definitely limited but that doesn’t mean all you can wear are professional women’s suits! You can actually wear dresses to the office as long as you’re wearing the right type of dresses – that means no frill, no lace, no inappropriate necklines, and a few other rules. Here’s a compilation of top 4 dresses that can work at the office:
Plain Midi Bodycon Dresses
Bodycon dresses are surely attractive but plain ones in neutral colors like black, beige, and gray, and without any bright or vivid designs, these dresses can be worn at the office. Midi length bodycon dresses work best for the work place because they appropriately cover your body and of course, make sure your bodycon dress is full or quarter sleeved.
Simple Summer Dresses
Simple summer dresses in toned down colors and plain designs like checkered and polka dot work great at the workplace. These are casual dresses that don’t attract much attention so you can easily work them to work. Pair the dress with a belt and a decent hairstyle like a hair bun and you’re good to go.
Pencil Dresses
Pencil dresses with sleeves make for a great simple dress to wear at to the office. Since these dresses involve no flair or skirt, they look professional in an office setting. Be sure to wear a pencil dress that’s in a simple, easy on the eyes color and without any bright or vivid designs.
Loose Fitting Dresses
Many women own loose dresses that are airy, light, and comfortable so you just wish you could wear them to the office. Fact is, such dresses can be worn in office environments as long as they’re worn right. Loose fitting dresses can easily be tucked into pants or trousers to look like a formal, simple shirt that is loose and casual but still formal.
So, ladies, it’s always a good idea to flaunt an office dress at your workplace as long as you remember to wear the right type of dress without breaking any corporate setting rules!


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