Top 4 Stylish Alternatives To Boring Dresses This Winter

Women tend to get bored with trends quite easily. And during winters if you have a lot of parties and events to attend you simply wouldn’t want to wear just another dress and carry the same look everywhere else. So here is a guide that ought to give you some stylish alternatives to those boring dresses. The next time, pick one of the alternatives out and stop sulking in that dress you simply resent.



Pantsuits recently jumped into trend and it seems like they’re here to stay. If you’re bored of wearing dresses and their frilly connotations, go ahead and try some pantsuits for the next event you have lined up. Just remember to match your pants and tops in texture and color as well so that they look sophisticated and elegant.



Just because you’re tired of dresses, doesn’t mean you should let go of everything else that gives you a feminine touch. Try on some skirts the next time you have an event or a party to attend. Skirts are the cooler and sexier cousins of the skirts and they work with almost everything. Go ahead and pair your skirt with a turtleneck sweater if its winters or a strappy tank top for the summers. You can never go wrong with skirts.



If you don’t like dresses, jumpsuits are a really impressive alternative. You don’t have to make much effort with jumpsuits as well. Just throw them on, pair them with your favorite heels and accessorize and you’re ready to go. When worn properly, jumpsuits look as elegant and as dressy as the dresses themselves and go well for formal events too.


Cropped Trousers

Cropped trousers are extremely comfortable and formal friendly too. You can wear them to work with a formal top and then add some lacey embellished top for a party right after the office. If its winter, a cashmere sweater would be great too. Cropped trousers go well with almost anything. Just make sure your cropped trousers fit perfectly and finish at your ankles with a proper fitting. Pair them with ankle boots or stilettoes and you are good to go.


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