Fashion Icon of the Month: Top 6 Camila Cabello Looks To Copy

On stage, Camila Cabello simply kills it. Armed with an impressive range of vocals and super smooth dance moves, she wows audiences on a regular basis and it is not surprising she made the decision to leave the girl group, Fifth Harmony, to follow her dreams of a solo career. Which she is also killing it. 
Off stage, Camila Cabello is nailing it in the fashion world too. She has an eclectic sense of style, trying (and succeeding) with all the latest trends and putting her own unique mark on them. Camila can be bold with her wardrobe choices but also know how to kick back with a simple and casual look. Basically, this girl can wear it all and never have a fashion faux pas. 

“ I’m letting her take the lead and doing what makes her happiest, ” says her stylist Jennifer Mazur. 

Over the past five years, Jennifer Mazur has made a name for herself as the modeling industry's favorite stylist; so when she says she is letting Camila take the lead you know that Camila is making all the right decisions — from the red carpet to her savvy street style! 
Fashion Icon of the Month: Camila Cabello Fashion Icon of the Month: Camila Cabello Fashion Icon of the Month: Camila Cabello
This is why we at Zefinka have chosen Camila Cabello as out ღ Fashion Icon of the Month ღ and have out spotted 6 Camila Cabello styles that you can copy with ease. All items are in store and at affordable prices — and the best bit, FREE SHIPPING! so there really is no reason why you too can't look at Hot as Camila! 
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