Top Bloggers Latest Obsession: What To Wear

Instagram fashion influencers and lifestyle bloggers have been our go-to's for trendy tips over recent years. They popularity for being ordinary women with ordinary lives is what drew us to them. Some have now become so successful that they are full time infuencers working with the biggest names in the industy, yet they remain popular as we watch them grow from the snapshot outfit suggestion they posted on their social media sites to the business women they are today. 

It is not surprising that instead of turning to the glossy fashion magazines such as Vogue & Grazia, that often review designers way out of our price range, we now turn to these women for our style inspiration. They offer imaginative outfits idea and work with local or online suppliers. Smaller outlets, like ourselves, that have great products at affordable prices and free delivery. We see influencers offering special deals and discounts using their brand contacts, which is great for us. 

We have been scrolling feeds, devouring blog posts and spotting the top fashion influencers out and about, to bring you their latest obsessions. It goes without saying that their looks are stylish, sophisticated and sassy — afterall, it was their fashion selections that made them popular in the first place. #slayingit 

The founder of The Salty Blonde, Halley Elefante, is one of our favorite influencers for her easy breezy fashion. Wearing outfits that we can all copy with ease. She opts for casual and comfort, but still knows how to style up her outfits with accessories. Her summer dresses look gorgeous and with a boho vibes but her current obsession is Double Denim! 

TheSaltyBlonde is opting for double denim this Spring. Doesn't it look cool? Heading out for dinner in double denim. TheSaltyBlonde's current obsession Mixing up colors but double denim is still an outfit favorite from Halley Elefante (@thesaltyblonde) Another awesome double denim outfit from Halley Elefante (@thesaltyblonde)

Sassy swedish fashion blogger styledbynelli who currently living in Spain, is famed for her accessories. Her instafeed is full of great outfits accompanied with her signature black or white nails and steel jewelry. Currently though, we are seeing plenty of awesome outfits that include the stylish pleated midi skirt. Becoming popular in 2017 the pleated skirt has ensured all seasons, probably because of its versitility. You can pair your pleated metallic skirt with pretty much anything! 

stylebynelli has been rocking the pleated skirt recently. A popular choice amongst the influencers We would like to be Styled By Nelli (@stylebynelli) Pleated skirt with sneakers and a sweater. Love this outfit from stylebynelli Style By Nelli (stylebynelli) in a pleated skirt and her trademark mirrored sunnies and steel jewelry

Aimee Song, the fashionista behind songofstyle is a huge success in the influencer world. Her bold styles and sassy streetwear make it easy to see why she is so popular. To celebrate 10 years of blogging, Aimee released a book called #worldofstyle, a collection of more than 500 of her most favorite look from across the world and her career. A huge inspiration to women across the world, we love her fashion, especially when she is obsessed with monochrome outfits. 

Aimee Song (songofstyle) has always been a fan of vold colors but we love her current obsession with monochrome ensembles Aimee Song of songofstyle is promoting monochrome outfits this season When in doubt, go monochrome is Aimee Song's current mantra Aimee Song's (songofstyle) current obsession is monochrome outfits

Monica Awe-Etuk is one of Alanta's most influentional bloggers. Her lifestyle and fashion website came after a career as a seamstress and arent we glad she started to produce this sensational blog. awedbymoni has a classy and vibrant style, which you will see after a look through her instafeed but right now her current obsession is with animal print. We especially love her snakeskin shin high boots! 

awedbymoni is opting for a strong animal print game Fierce outfit with awesome snakeskin boots - awedbymoni current obsession seems to be animal print Animal print is rocking the current insta feed from awedbymoni We are loving this snakeskin boots from awedbymoni. Bringing her animal print fashion game 

We hope that these influencers give you inspiration, like they have us. Below are items from our store to help you copy their styles. AND, if you purchase anything in store and post a selfie wearing your new Zefinka gear to any of our social media accounts with the #ZefinkaOutfits — you could win your cash back!!
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