Top Fashion Secrets for Wearing Burgundy this Season

The Fall and Winter Seasons are the perfect time to show off your favorite pair of boots, a cool new teddy bear coat, or your truly inspiring layering capability. But not only can you flaunt your cold weather wardrobe — is also the time to transition from bright neons, pastels, and airy fabrics to darker colors and warm knits. 


Blacks, Grays, Reds, Purples, and Browns are all great colors for the fall and winter season but none of them come close to our favorite color — Burgundy! We simply love the variety of shades and tones that can be reached with this rich color. Textures and different materials show Burgundy is a diverse color to dress in. 


However, it can become easy to wear the same comfortable combinations over and over. Sweater and Jeans, Skirt and Blouses and Leggings and oversized cardigans. There is nothing wrong with these classic outfits but we want to show you how to really take it up a level and play with combinations in this great and flexible color. 


Here at Zefinka we have put together some of our favorite fashionable outfits from both the high street and the catwalks and they all revolve around burgundy! Pick your favorite and let us know by commenting on this blog or pinning to your Pinterest boards. 


Fashion is about having fun and we think we have brought the fun factor, and fashionable factor, to you. 


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