Transformation Trends For Fall : Top 10 Girly Styles

Everything that you see in this world goes through changes, for the better or worse. A flower would go from fresh to dull to dead if broken, a tree planted would get bigger and better year to year, playing any sport continuously will make you get better at it day by day. Similarly this theory also applies to how a person dresses, they too go through a fashion transformation, for good or bad. Some go from dressing so well to making a mess of themselves while most of the people get better in their dressing sense as they grow older.


Although this theory applies to both the genders but it is obviously more notable in women. For boys, you would see them wear a hoodie in their childhood, through their youth and into their old age. However that is certainly not the case with women. With the social media application of Facebook, you are shown your old memories from time to time and every time you have a look at them, there is a definite shocking element in it which is mostly related to your face or the way you used to dress and it is usually very bad according to the future you. It is very much more in women, you would almost not recognise a girl if she shared a memory of a couple of years ago. On the contrary if a boy shares an old memory of even 8 years before then there is a high chance that they would look more or less the same.


Girls used to learn it through time, they used to transform their style as they grew old. Today however because of the influence of media and the world becoming one huge global market, a fashion trend is introduced in one corner of the world and within months it catches on the other side of the world as well. It is no longer about how old you are as you would see little girls dressing up better than many of the older women. Media plays the biggest role in it, delivering quality information across the world about what is hot and what is not.


You have all the tools in front of you but nobody is going to do it for you. You yourself are going to be the one to bring about a change in your personality by introducing yourself to something new which suits you and makes you happy at the same time.


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