Trend Report: How to Wear Stripes

This season the stripes are making their way through the fashion isle with a large variety and new trends. This season you will see a flair for metallic effects and graphic prints on new generation trenches.  The colors trending in stripes this year are candy pink and sunshine yellow. A combination of these two will prove to be a head turner. Deciding the right colors for day and night you can set up tacky look striped clothing.


Most people fear that a striped shirt can be irritating to the eye, the best solution for that is mixing them with a base color to blend the stripes. This season you will notice stripes not only in shirts but pants, skirts , sweaters and scarves.


You can wear a shoulder reminiscent of the 80’s dance flick and revive your favorite styles in it. Other than that this year we have the trend of trench coats that will be seen on the ramps in vibrant stripes.


Stripes can be worn in summers and winters both depending on their color contrasts. If the colors are very bright then they can be worn in summers and the season of spring especially because they look very vibrant. You can wear sober colors in winters or dark ones. Stripes also come in funky and neon colors for youngsters who want to stand out in a crowd or make a statement. These stripes are seen as a trending party theme replacing the floral and polka dot themes.


Stripes are not only limited to clothes. They have taken the place in bags shoes and accessories. You will see striped bags and shoes with plain clothes to blend the stripes and to add some color to the plain clothes. Striped jewelry is also seen trending this season. There are a variety of striped necklaces and earrings available in the market, which come in different color combinations and contrasts and they literally can’t be ignored.


The combinations that are considered the customer favorite are chalky white with black blue and yellow. Other than that shades of pink and orange, pink and purple and red and black are also very trending. Every season a variation in color combinations is highly appreciated by clients.


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